Utterly Bonkers
I like bunnies and Yu-Gi-Oh! and Kelly and pizza and books and baths and underwear and acoustic songs.

How will I ever get out of this labyrinth? Straight and fast. Message

I read through an old draft I wrote and saved once after a relapse at midnight, a draft I intended to send to my boyfriend when he woke, so I didn’t wake him in the middle of the night.

I spoke of safe places, and bad dreams that filled my slumber. Those places no loner exist, and the dreams still haunt me every night.

I never sent the draft, and I probably never will. 

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I am not okay.
I’ve lost my safe place.

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why hit rock bottom when u can hit my bottom

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Anonymous asked: I believe in you. You can do this and never forget that in recovery everyone relapses at least once


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They say recovery is hard but oh my gosh relapse is harder.

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sad black and white blog, I follow back similar


“you’re really pretty” *punk’d cameras come out*

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And that honestly scares me

The Fault In Our Stars | Official Trailer